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Chico Masak



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a Japanese new middle-class, male-romantic, zigzag bisexual, rape-surviving, oral-only camp butch with an identity mess and a feminist mother

Chico Masak (May 26, 1985 -) a.k.a. Masaki is a part-time activist from Japan. Born in Ashikaga city, Chico has lived in various locations including Chicago and Tokyo. Among kis academic fields of interest are queer theory, disability theory, public health, cultural anthropology and cultural history.
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Activism & research interests: queer history, history of poverty and sex work, history of immigration, single motherhood, labor rights, domestic violence, addiction, and the family.

Twitter ID: @gimmeaqueereye




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  • Name: Anna
  • Occupation: Asian mail order bride in training
  • I speak broken engrish for you yes?