G.R.E.A.T. is back

It has been a long time since we stopped updating this website. Not only have we not updated here, but we have not been active as a student club since February 2007, either. It would have lasted for extra few months until I finished at DVC in June, but I failed to complete the paperwork by the due date so the club ended up wrapping up approximately 4 months earlier than initially expected.

After one year of absence of activity, the former members of the club are not DVC students anymore. We transferred to other colleges or finished education. About a month ago, I came back here and read through the blog and pages. With the hindsight, now I can see many ways that I could have done better in leading the club and getting involved in activism further. I thought, maybe we could get back to where we were again and start it over as an independent student organization that has no affiliation with school. I emailed the list, and received affirmative answers from former members.

So now we are back. As an independent student organization based in Bay Area. Only a few of us still reside in Bay Area, so our activities will be basically carried out online rather than offline. But I’m hoping that each of us will make contributions from different perspectives from where they are rather than where we can get together (both physically and theoretically).

If you are reading this, whether or not you have been a member of G.R.E.A.T. or a friend of them or an enemy or whatever, join our list and take part in our effort to educate ourselves, take action, and provide support.

Lots of Love
-masak (masaki, former president)


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